Does the process of SMP hurt?

Every person has their own pain threshold, which means that some people who get scalp micropigmentation will experience a low to mild level of pain, whereas others may experience more moderate pain. Scalp micropigmentation uses a dotting technique, which is significantly less painful than a traditional tattoo scraping technique. In addition to your personal tolerance of pain, your perception of pain can be influenced by environmental, psychological, and emotional factors.

These are some of the additional factors that might affect the way you experience pain during scalp micropigmentation:

  • the treated area of the scalp, as some regions hurt more than others
  • the condition and physical makeup of the skin
  • whether you have anxiety concerning the treatment

One thing you can do while the specialist is performing scalp micropigmentation in order to keep your mind off the pain and reduce the unpleasant sensation is keeping yourself distracted and busy, such as watching a video or a movie, scrolling through social media, and using your phone in general.