SMP Treatments

Male Pattern Baldness

Do you have areas of balding? Using the Norwood scale we will assess your balding pattern and offer you a customized treatment to correct the baldness. We can give you a customized hairline and fill in your receding scalp. We can also fill in any areas of baldness on the entire scalp. The results will bring back your confidence.

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Density Fill

Do you have thinning hair? See too much scalp? We'll fill in those bare, thinning spots with tiny 'dots' that will look like hair follicles, giving you a fuller, thicker-looking scalp after even one session.

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Scar Revision Treatment

Do you have head scars? Scars from a hair transplant?

Let us help disguise them by giving them the appearance of hair follicles so that they blend in with your own hair. Scar revision treatment is also good for alopecia spots.

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