Male Pattern Baldness

Affecting roughly half of men over 50 in the United States, male pattern baldness is extremely common. It accounts for 95% of all male hair loss. The term describes natural hair loss in men that is not the consequence of a health condition or outside factor. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition, being the result of changes that occur with male hormones as men age. As a normal part of the aging process, the body starts converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

However, dihydrotestosterone is present in excessive amounts in men susceptible to male pattern baldness. The presence of too much dihydrotestosterone will eventually cause their hair follicles to shrink, resulting in thinner and shorter hair strands. While follicles keep shrinking, the hair in the damaged areas will become thinner and shorter until the follicle ceases to produce new hair strands.

Scalp Micropigmentation, a Practical and Effective Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

This relatively new and innovative treatment for male pattern baldness is semipermanent, which means that it will take the burden of this issue off your shoulders for at least 8 years. Using a needle similar to a tattooing one, scalp micropigmentation places tiny dots of pigment beneath the skin's surface on your head. This collection of dots creates the illusion of hair that has been shaved clean and is starting to grow out again. The results look incredibly natural, and you will enjoy a natural appearance of hair follicles and a natural hairline, which can be combined with the hair you already have to create even more fullness and density.

If you are interested in undergoing scalp micropigmentation for male pattern baldness, here is how the process usually goes:

Regardless of the extent of hair loss you experience, scalp micropigmentation can provide you with the results you desire and the self-confidence you seek. Whether you have full hair loss or patches of thinning, scalp micropigmentation will be able to create the appearance of a head full of hair. Ultimately, scalp micropigmentation solves male pattern baldness by concealing alopecia and diffusing thinning. It is a safe treatment that will offer you visible results that will change the way you see yourself while also making others see you in a new light.