Scar Revision Treatment

Because hair will no longer grow on scar tissue, as there are no hair follicles in a scar, many people who have experienced a car accident during which they hit their head, or something hit their head are left with a large, visible, hairless scar. Understandably, some might be insecure about this feature of their look, as they might consider it unaesthetic and visually displeasing.

Luckily, there is a simple yet effective and also semipermanent solution for individuals with head scars – scalp micropigmentation. By virtue of this innovative technique that resembles tattooing, people with scars on their heads can now have their usual appearance restored, and, furthermore, it will look as natural as it gets.

How Scalp Micropigmentation Can Make Your Head Scars History

The purpose of scalp micropigmentation when it comes to scar revision treatment is to help disguise the scars by giving those areas the appearance of hair follicles so that they can blend in with your own hair. If you had a hair transplant, scalp micropigmentaiton is also perfect for you! The reason why most people who choose to have a hair transplant as a solution to their hair loss end up with a scar is the very process the hair transplant entails. To make matters worse, over the years, your scalp will start to naturally sag, which can make the scar wider or more visible.

Nevertheless, with the amazing solution scalp micropigmentaiton offers, you can say goodbye to your head scars, regardless of how you got them in the first place. Our licensed artists, who have years of professional experience and who are highly skilled, will carefully add fake hair follicles to your head scars to hide them, which is guaranteed to boost your self-confidence if you had been self-conscious because of this problem before the procedure. There are countless benefits of undergoing scalp micropigmentaiton for scar revision treatment, such as: